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Free Me – [NDPNDNT]

By Carlton Ponds @JustCP_ · On July 1, 2017

One of Chicago’s best kept secrets is 22 year old NDPNDNT and his talent won’t be a secret for long. Today he delivers a powerful new record titled “Free Me” which happens to be one of the first singles to tease his upcoming debut project – “Voiceless.” We caught up with NDPNDNT and asked a few questions about the meaning behind this track and more. See what he had to say below.

What was the motivation behind creating “Free Me?”

-Since the birth of slavery, skin tone has decided how heavy the segregation, and how much oppression a man/woman goes through.  Today, kids use skin tones as a joke to separate each other with stereotypes.  Such as light skins are soft, emotional and conceded, and dark skins are ugly, ghetto, and good at basketball.  This song discusses how black is black and after so many years of dark skin and “mulatto” being separated each other, you would think people would not joke as much about it.

What can we expect from your upcoming debut project? Tell us about it:

-“Voiceless” is about life as a 21 year old NDPNDNT, who is now 22, and everything he went through in the year of 2016.  From dramatic arguments with a woman he fell in love with, to one of his hip hop brothers getting shot in the head just trying to come home from work but being caught in the crossfire of gang violence, voiceless not only is supposed to hit home for NDPNDNT, but for the city he represents, the world he wants to make better, and the love that people go on roller coaster rides for.  It is relatable to the culture in many ways while still being truly honest and real to himself.  That is what hip hop is about for NDPNDNT, and that is how he wants to come out with a bang and looked at as the voice for the community and new wave of artists.  The two big words for this tape have to be HONESTY, and FREEDOM.

He’s letting his voice be heard on this one and we hear him loud and clear. If you’re not already familiar with NDPNDNT, we suggest you start by listening to this track underneath. His time is coming sooner than you think.

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