Voice of the Voiceless

SIX years in the game and he’s still hungry for more.

Daniel “NDPNDNT” Weisberg is more than just another rapper from Chicago, he’s a future revolutionary, and what others have expressed as the "voice" of the city of Chicago.  NDPNDNT paints and delivers a very painful, but also, free and therapeutic honesty in his music. For NDPNDNT, entertaining through the arts of music is how he helps people get over their own situations, while still staying true to his own.

This young man, at only 23 years of age, depicts a different view of the world and is on a mission to destroy stereotypes of criticism that Hip Hop is a violent, "gangster rap" formed genre filled with nothing but negativity. With his poetic choice of words, catchy hooks, thought provoking sound and the ability to do it without a single curse word, NDPNDNT is bound to stand out. 

NDPNDNT recently released his project "Voiceless".  "Free Me," a single from the "Voiceless" project, was premiered on the top Chicago blog, "Lyrical Lemonade" and on Soundcloud. His newest single was played on WHATSHOTROD on Power 92.3. Some of his notable, featured performances include: WGN People to People, North Coast Festival, Taste of Chicago 2018, ABC7 Chicago, 2017 Chicago Blues Fest 2017, Second City, Common's "AAHH! Fest", SXSW, A3C Fest, and the recently opened Apple Store in downtown Chicago.  NDPNDNT found success joining Kanye and Rhyme Fest's Donda's House, and has been mentored by artists, such as: ADD-2, Defcee, Twone Gabz, Rhymefest, and more.

NDPNDNT recently obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Music Business from Columbia College Chicago. 

NDPNDNT is becoming the voice which every struggle craves.

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